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AX760 Hybrid or Normal mode


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I know this has been discussed before, but I'd like to get the latest pros or cons on it.


I recently purchased the AX760 and was wondering what mode is best to run it in: Hybrid or Normal?


I'm currently running it in Hybrid mode for several reasons. First, if they didn't want you to run it this way, they wouldn't have made it this way especially giving you a 7 year warranty with it. Second, I'm assuming without the fan running it would tend to pull in less dust in the long run.


These may not be the best reasons so I'm open to hearing what those who have been using it for a while think.



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only reason would be if you prefer a silent pc.

hybrid would put a bit more heat into the case, but if you have good air flow above it I don't really see the extra heat being a issue.


Agreed, it's really hard to beat a nice and quiet PSU unless it's affecting performance in some way.

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