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Connecting PCI-E cable to CS450M


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Hi Guys, I am trying to power an Asus GeForce GTX750TI-OC-2GD5 graphics card from a Corsair CS450M PS and I am confused about the connection options.


The GTX750TI is powered via a six point power socket and the CS450M has an included 6+2 point plug labeled "PCI-E". No problem so far.


The other end of the "PCI-E" power connector (the end connecting to the PS) is an 8 point plug labeled "Type 3" and the only remaining 8 point input on the PS is labeled "4+4 CPU".


How do I connect the graphics card to the PS? Can I simply connect the "Type 3" 8 point plug to the "4+4 CPU" socket of the PS?


Many thanks.

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