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Obsidian 250D - Max GPU height?


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Hi Guys,


I've been trawling the net and these forums trying to establish the max height of a graphics card for the Corsair Obsidian 250D.


I currently have a 750ti in my rig which is 128mm high and am looking at replacing it with an MSI GTX 970 which is 141mm high. Will this fit?


Any help is welcome.



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I've been searching for information on this also. And there are lots of people interested over various forums.


Essentially, if anyone has fitted a 970/980 GTX, within the 250D please jump in and say!


or anyone with a similar sized graphics card. I'm getting mixed messages, some say you can, others not.

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The MSI 970 Gaming fits in the 250D. I just checked (only with the mobo, the graphic card and the case, as I plan to build the rig this saturday). The plexi is thin, and there's a 6-8 mm clearance between the heat pipe and the glass.









The light grey area above the heat pipe is hollow.


No issue with the optical drive (which needs to be removed first). There should be no problem with the power connectors either.

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I was able to successfully fit the MSI GTX 970 into the Corsair 250D. I did not have any fitment issues. The heat pipes don't touch the top of the case and there is some breathing room.


My set up:

Corsair 250D

Corsair H100i for CPU

MSI z97I AC gaming mini iTX











With the case closed:



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I guess I should post this here in case anyone else is curious. The STRIX 970 does fit and it does not require you to use a shorter (140mm) fan at the front nor does it render your 5.25 useless. You can have your cake and eat it too!














If the heat pipe were a hair taller, it would not have worked. It is almost like they were meant for each other. :loveeyes:

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