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Padlock 2 "Decryption problem"


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Hi, i did a search and went thew all 7 pages of the results and could not find anything that matched my problem so i hope some one here can help.


i had a power serch not long ago and now when i put my pin into my padlock to unlock it to gain acsess to my data it looks like this.



it seems like its not decrypting the data or its not decrypting it properly.


is there any way i can recover the data or is it broken for good?


i am sure if i reset the pin it will fix my problem but i will loos my data and i want to try to keep it.




More details this happened after i had a power outage and my computer just turned off, what i think has happened is the data is nolonger encrypted on the chip and when i enter the key to put it into the drive its encrypting the unencrypted data.

i am afrade to reset the password or anything like this in-case i relay loos my data.

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Changing the pin does not work.


I had not set a master pin so I set one and then disabled login and still have the same problem. Leaving it open so no pin is needed does not work.


My current theory is:


The power outage shorted it out some how to where it never re-encrypted the data for cold storage and when I enter my pin it's "Decrypting" unencrypted files.


I believe the only way I can fix this is by buying another PL2 and swapping out the memory modules with the fresh one that has no encryption. Assuming it's not just unlocked with Master PIN.


I will have to brush up on my surface mount soldering I think.

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