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cable kit lengths


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Seems that the cable kit is approximately 50mm shorter in length then the kit that comes with the Ax1500. I'll probably need that 50mm. I wish they just made a specific sleeved replacement kit that is the same length as the AX1500.


I see that silverstone makes some red sleeved extension cables. Would that work? Or is it a bad idea to extend those cables?

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I bought a red set for my 860i, and the same cables are applicable to your AX1500i, AND they are much more flexible!

They are (from Corsairs "PSU Parts and Accessories" web sub-page:

"Professional Individually sleeved DC Cable Kit, Type 3 (Generation 2), RED


• (x4) 6+2 PCI-E cables (600mm)

• (x2) 6+2 PCI- E pigtail cables (600mm,750mm)

• (x2) 4+4 EPS/ATX12V CPU cables (650mm)

• (x1) SATA Power 4-Head Long cables (850mm)

• (x3) SATA Power 4-Head Short cables (750mm)

• (x3) Peripheral 4-pin Molex Power cables (750mm)



The AX1500 24-pin cable is separately sold for your specific PSU


Your AX1500 cables lengths are in your PSU manual:

"Corsair AX1500i cable configuration AX1500i

Qty Length Connector/cable

1 710mm ± 10mm 1 ATX cable 24PIN (20+4)

1 650mm ± 10mm 1 EPS/ATX12v cable 8PIN (4+4)

1 800mm ± 10mm 1 EPS/ATX12v cable 8PIN (4+4)

4 650mm ± 10mm 1 PCI-E cable 8PIN (6+2)

2 800mm ± 10mm 1 PCI-E cable 8PIN (6+2)

2 800mm ± 10mm 2 PCI-E cable 8PIN (6+2)

3 800mm ± 10mm 4 SATA cable (4 SATA)

2 850mm ± 10mm 4 SATA cable (4 SATA)

3 750mm ± 10mm 4 Peripheral cable (4PIN)

2 101mm ± 5mm 1 Floppy drive cable (4PIN)

1 800mm ± 10mm 1 PMBUS cable (4PIN)

1 800mm ± 50mm 1 USB cable (9PIN)"


You can compare these lengths as I will let you do some of the work!

Corsair has not updated their website of Cable Matrix Tables for the AX1500, but these tables tell where the individual connector plugs are located along the cable.

These were saved on my HDD as my PSU name 860i for My file sorting reference name as there are difficult to locate on Corsair's website.


I bought the big window 760T black case and the red cables set it off nicely and it it helps with cable tracing, as all my black cables are Case or device cables and all red ones are PSU or SSD/HDD as I bought flat red SATA cables for them.

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Hi, thanks for putting that all together for me it was very helpful.


It seems the cable kit is the same length as the cables that came with my current AX1200 (which is getting replaced with AX1500). Those cables are not nearly long enough. Some of them can't even make use of the cases cable management so they literally run across the motherboard because they are not long enough to run behind it and pop out of a grommet hole.


Maybe someone will have some comments on the sleeved extension cables such as the silverstone ones. I could run the stock black ones behind the motherboard and connect up behind there with the red sleeved ones to go out to components.

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