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H100i Keeps Skipping/Turning On /Off


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I don't know what else to do, I've tried basically everything, switching the usb port, the fan connectors, using a different sata cable, but nothing works, here is a video so you can see a clear example of whats going on. Also make sure to listen its not just the led.



And here are the system specs:


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Have you checked your connections for secure connectivity; like are there any bent or damaged connector pins in any of the cables?; Do you have the 3-pin fan connector plugged into the MB CPU fan header correctly?

Is your SATA power cable securely plugged into the PSU cable, and is the PSU SATA cable plugged completely into the PSU socket ? Have you tried another SATA cable plugged into a Different PSU socket?

Are the H100i thumbscrews Evenly but not overly tightened?

Are you sure the AMD bracket is on correctly?

If you are sure and have all the power, connectivity and setup in good shape, then my opinion is to call Customer Service for an RMA.

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