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Constant Foreground Brightness


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So, when adjusting profiles, I would just like a clean Blue/White look.


However, when I use the normal settings of just assigning white to the specific keys (WASD, etc), I find that it's not at all very bright.


If I add a foreground brightness, it gives the effect I'm looking for (bright white accent with blue background), but it will only function on some type of effect.


So, is there a way to get the foreground brightness with my background keys so that I can just have bright white keys that say solid white?



Any help would be great!

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Create a new profile, by default the program creates 3 zones, delete the WASD and Arrow Key ones.


Select the all, change the background color to white (or whatever color you want).


Then in the profile options, select 'Set as Default Profile'.


Hopefully this gives you what you're looking for :greengrin:greengrin:greengrin

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