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Help for an Australian with a K95\M95


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G'day all


Really just going to have a sook here, seeing as I have paid a LOT of money to Corsair over the years, I have quite a lot of their products, BUT no products are as half baked and just plain useless as the K95 and M95.


K95-is an AWSOME keyboard, but why did I pay $180 for a LED backlit keyboard to have over 14 keys not light up any more:mad:


M95-feels great and is a pleasure to use, APART from the scroll wheel going spastic, it is that bad it is almost unusable:eek:


As for just RMA it, what am I supposed to do in the mean time, just go out and buy a new keyboard\mouse, no I don't think so, seeing as I paid nearly $300 for THIS setup, and now I have to pay MORE just to send it back:evil:


Does any one have a fix for the M95?

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