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Software Crashes with other problems


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Shoot I may have posted in a wrong place, is there anyway to move this thread?


My PC kept crashing since I got this keyboard. I didn't know that this kb was the reason until I got desperate and started replacing every part of the PC.

Then I lend this kb to a friend, and he was doing totally fine, without the Corsair Gaming Software installed. So I figured that the software is the problem.



When the software crashes, the LEDs froze. i was using a custom lighting which is similar to the Demo (rainbow cross the keyboard at 45 degrees), and the LEDs just stuck at the color all of a sudden, as if the rainbow stopped moving.

Then it won't respond to any keystroke, or the key mapping got corrupted, like when I press 'k', it would start playing music, and 'u' would open 'Games for Windows Live' for me - I didn't even know that I have it in my PC.

Also, the Windows Explorer kept crashing and restarting about 2 minutes after the software fails, and the whole system would fail and froze after it restarted several times.

Unplugging the kb and plug back in does help before the Windows Explorer fails, but soon it would happen again.


Some other problems(minor but annoying):

When the kb and software were working fine (occasionally), I tried changing the key mapping using the software, and nothing happened. The software told me the mapping was changed but it was not.

Changing lighting effects fails at a 30% chance. When this happens, the kb would just stuck at the previous pattern and won't respond to any commands from the software until I restart the software and unplug then plug back in the kb.



Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

I do have it connected to two USB 3.0 ports, because that's the only option: I don't have any USB 2.0 port (UD4h).

I am using the old K70 kb (the blue lit one) now and everything is good.



Is there anyway to fix this? The keyboard itself is awesome, but not different from the old ones if i cannot program it and even worse if it crashes my system.

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