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Corsair Link planning/config with 750d case


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Currently planning my next rig, and trying to stick to Corsair as much as I can because they have earned it. :biggrin:

The feedback received from this thread will heavily influence my decision to commit to this purchase. So please keep the discussion on topic.


Plan to use:

  • Corsair Link
  • Corsair RM 750 PSU
  • Corsair H100i water cooling kit
  • Corsair 750D case


My question surrounds the cooling. I plan to use CORSAIR LINK as a monitor and control unit for all the fans and temperatures.


The 750D case supports: 8 x 140mm.

As I was reading the FAQ as prior research ( http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=118371 )

I noticed the following:

Q: Why don’t my Corsair AF or SP series fans (or other 3rd party fans) change speeds in Corsair Link?

A: Corsair Link H80i and H100i, and the Cooling Node, currently use a PWM signal to control fan speeds. This works by modulating the +12V electrical pulse width at certain frequencies to change fan RPM. With non-PWM fans such as the AF120 or SP120, the PWM signal is too frequent for the fan to adjust appropriately. If we adjusted that PWM signal frequency, the fans could be slowed down but the motors of 3rd Party DC fans are likely to make significant “clicking” or “ticking” noises. As such, we highly recommend using PWM fans with current Corsair Link fan control methods.


So Corsairs AF and SP series is not fully compatible with Corsair Link


Question #1: I want to buy 6 x 140mm air flow & 2 x 120mm static pressure corsair fans, which ones do I get?

(trying to go for quiet fans since the additive noise of 8 fans will be annoyingly loud...)


As far as I have searched so far, there is no recommended for fan connections to motherboard/corsair link.

Question #2: Which fans do I connect to what? Both the mother board and corsair link can have fans connected to it.

Do I...

  • Connect all fans and pumps to Corsair Link
  • Connect vital fans that can not afford to fail to mother board and remaining fans to corsair link


If I do go down the route of connecting all fans and pumps to Corsair Link,

I will have 8 fans and 1 pump to connect.


Each Corsair Link Cooling Node supports

  • 5 fans
  • 4 thermal sensors

For my set up I will need the following:

  • 1 Corsair Link Commander
  • 2 Corsair Link Cooling Nodes
  • 2 Digital cables
  • 8 Fan extensions (+1 for water pump)


Question #3: Is the minimum required components above correct?


Question #4: Corsair does not currently sell cooling nodes independently http://www.corsair.com/en-gb/corsair-link/corsair-link-hardware.

With this set up, I will need 2 cooling nodes to be complete. Where can I purchase additional cooling nodes in the UK?


Question #5: Is the Corsair Link software required to be running 24/7 to control the fans?

Or is it used to program profiles then commit to the Corsair Link Commander (meaning you only have to run the software to edit the profiles/view statistics)?


Thanks in advance





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