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H80i/H100i Light/Fan Detection


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Hey All,


I just came across a possible solution to the issue with the H80i/100i in regards to detecting the pump/fans and LED.


I had the H80i for several months until all of a sudden it stopped detecting the fans/pump and led leaving me unable make any changes, essentially turning it into a H80. After several days of troubleshooting I put it down to me being unlucky and getting a dodgy H80i.


After a recent upgrade I decided to get a H100i as my new case would accommodate it and it would "hopefully" allow me to change my fans etc... again.


Unfortunately after fitting the H100i I was left with the exact same issue, so it must be something with my machine. I decided to start troubleshooting again and came across the following fix plus I am now able to reproduce the issue and fix it 100% of the time doing the below steps, If you have this issue please try the below and I really hope it works for you.


**Ensure you have the Power Option enabled to Shutdown when you push the Power button on your Machine**


1. Uninstall all Corsair link software

2. Ensure you also remove the Corsair data from %Userprofile%\AppData\Corsair

3. Download "USBDeview" free software

4. Run the software and scan for all installed USB devices (Under options ensue you have it ticked for all non-installed/USb hubs/Disconnected etc...) this will show you all devices which have ever been registered/installed on your machine.

5. This step is a little brutal so It is entirely up to you whether you do it however it hasn't presented me with any issues. Highlight ALL items and click the "Uninstall selected Devices" (Little trashcan) this will remove ALL old/disconnected and new USB devices.

6. You wont' have a keyboard so hit you power button on the machine and shut it down, once its shut down unplug the machine and ensure it is earthed.

7. Remove the case panel and change the USB port your H80/100i was in.

8. Check connections so the machine is safe to reboot, replace case panel, plug in and boot up. Your mouse and keyboard should work as normal.

9. Once your back in windows wait for windows to install some of the USB devices/hubs its detected.

10. Now re-install corsair software and chose to restart immediately.

11. Once restarted you should now be able to have control again.


The above resolved the issue for me and has done so several times now. I am able to reproduce the issue by doing the following;


1. Power off the machine, change the order of your USB devices into different ports, reboot. This causes my h80/100i to bomb out and no longer be detected. It seems whenever you alter the ports, if they are not the same for some reason your hardware doesn't like it, this might just be a very specific issue to me however I hope this might be a common issue. Doing the steps advised above resolves the issue 100% of the time.


I really hope the above helps in resolving this issue for you, as its pretty common and a massive pain in the ***.

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