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been let down by everyone in this compnay


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i saved up money and assembled a pc a couple of months back. i decided to put in some extra money towards buying reliable components, i decided to invest in a good psu that will help prolong the life of my motehrboard , so i bought a corsair cx600. the guy i bought my parts from convinced me to buy corsair vengence ram as well. he told me, and i agreed, that it's better to spend some extra money now than to run around trying to get service support later.

my computer stopped working in two months. this was my first time builidng a pc, and i didn't really have any spares like a spare cpu, mobo, psu etc. to succesfully diagnose the fault. so it was a stress ful couple of days. i diagnosed everything. i got the motherboard, cpu, and ram checked at gigabyte, my mother board's oem. they were very helpful. athey were fine. i rang up an it technician who used to work in a family member's office. he helped me diagnose the power supply.

it turned out that my cx600 had failed. i was very shocked. but then sometimes electronics fail. i work in the manufacturing of medical devices so i can understand that sometimes, despite all the effort in the quality control, components can fail. so i hunted down the number for corsair customer support in india. it wasn't easy. i found the number on a blog. corsair's websit doesn't list the number, surprisingly. but they gave me the address of the nearest service center to me, which is in nehru place in new delhi. i live in gurgaon. nehru place isn't close to my house. going there means missing half a day of work. but the customer support person on the phone told me that normally they keep a stock of psu's and they offer hand to hand replacement. i was relieved. i got half a day off work and drove through hellish traffic with the hope of getting my supply replaced and getting my coputer functional again. but the service center, kiezen, didn't have any cx600 in stock. i however deposited my psu with them, this was on the 12th of september. because i was hoping that they would understand the trouble i have in driving from so far away and ship the replacement to my home address. they said that a replacement would take 10 days and that they cannot ship the supply to me. i said this was a big problem so i was asked to speak to the service support number and email the after sails service department.

which i did. through my email to the after sales service department i was able to convince them to send the power supply to my home address but they said it would take till the 24th of september for it to reach my house. i was shocked and crestfallen. that's 12 days from when i deposited my supply. and then i called customer support last monday to ask about the status of my rma, i was so so dissapointed and upset to find out that my replacement will arrive in the first week of october. this is ridiculous. at this point my computer has already been out of commission for 3 weeks. not having a home computer for a month would suck even more. i asked them to give me a refund. because at this point getting a new psu, from another brand like cooler master - a company that actually gives hand to hand replacement- is a quicker option. but corsair doesn't do that either.

no seems to realise that a psu is not a stick of ram, i only have one and without it there is no computer. i was offered a cx500 as a temporary replacement but the oem of my graphics card reccomends at least 550w supply. and i am not about to go against that advice, specailly based on the advice of a company like corsair, which has by now shown that it plays it pretty fast and loose with customer expectation and timely service.

what i want now is to know if there is any possible way of getting a refund, i may get half a day off today, i can just go out and buy a new psu and at least have one sunday when i get up early and play some watchdogs. or is there some way of moving this along faster. there are many corsair vendors in india, can't the compnay arrange a replacement through one of them. it's quite incredulous that there is not a single cx600 left in the country. my mrc number is MRC No. MRC-IW-CED572089C

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