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AX1200 enough?


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So I picked up a 3rd 780Ti off ebay for very cheap since people are getting rid of them for the 980's. Here is my question:


Is a Corsair AX1200 PSU enough for this:

3-Way 780Ti SLI +100mhz core, +200mhz memory

4930K 4.5ghz

Rampage IV black edition

32 gigs 4X8Dimm ram stick

Corsair H100i cooler

2x SSD

1x 7200 HD

many miscellaneous fans in Coolermaster Haf-X case


I've tried online PSU calculators and the numbers are all over the place. They have ranged from 1000 watts to 3000 watts.

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Some people in the overclock.net forums say the PSU will run it but it will kill it before to long because it will be running it near its max capacity.


Those people are knuckle heads.


AX1200 is rated at continuous output at 50°C ambient temps. It has all Japanese caps. The 7 year warranty is actually based on a life expectancy calculation considering 24/7, 100% load @ 50°C.

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