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140mm PWM fans PLS!


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I would really like to see Corsair offer more PWM fans... particularly 140mm fans, since that seems to be the most common size inside cases these days.


I love the aesthetic of Corsair fans, with color changing rings (brilliant idea btw)! But want more control.


P.S. Green fan rings would be nice too! :greengrin

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I want something like this:



Fan speed is 500 - 1800 RPM.


The Asus motherboard I will be using offers full control of all fans from the desktop with Fan Xpert 3 software that lets you customize profiles for your fans. You can have your various fans automatically respond to the temperatures of your CPU, Motherboard, Graphics card, etc.


I love the idea of being able to have that much control... so even if the fans may not benefit much... I still want it.

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