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H100i Driving me mad


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I bought an H100i back in Feb, it ran fine until the 2.6 software update at which point it went very noisy, RMA'd it to DABs got a new one, that one went noisy (pump sounds like a high pitch whine) so RMA'd that, got a third one and that has been working ok'ish (still noisier than the first one though before the software upgrade) until today when it has dropped off the Link software. My corsair commander for the case fans is still there but this H100i has disappeared.

Now you may ask what have I done to try and resurrect it, well firstly I removed the software (as per the guides deleting and remnants I could find) and re-installed, still nothing, so I uninstalled again and put the 2.7 software on, still nothing, so the last really drastic step I have done is a full win 8.1 reinstall and tried loading the link software first, still nothing. The amount of time I have spent messing around with this ridiculously flaky product is beyond belief, bearing in mind that this is the third problem one.

So the question is, is there and alternative out there to either a:link software or b: the H100i (i'm not that bothered about corsair as a vendor, anyone will do so long as it works)

I only bought the 100i because I wanted a quiet machine, now with link not working it running in its default cooling mode and sounds like a small jet taking off under load.

Hopefully someone can shed some light on this.


many thanks

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Yeah, been back down to 2.5, I am literally tearing my hair out. I think i'll have to abandon to link software for the 100i and use the commander unit to control the fans, not as it should work but best I can cobble together, either that or use the mobo cpu fan headers, again a compromise, and in reality me finding a solution to Corsairs poor software/hardware pairings
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