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H105 ticking noise


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I just bought myself a new Corsair H105 which I have a problem with.


First when I installed the H105, no problems occured. Next day I boot the system again and got a blue screen. When rebooting the message CPU overtemperature warning appeared.


In the bios the temperature was indeed high (85°C and slowly increasing) The H105 hoses felt cool but the block was pretty warm. Only thing I could think of was the pump not running so I plugged it in several fan headers, led is on, but pump did not run. When tapping on the H105 unit the pump started! :sigh!:


Well, this happenend again after the next boot up and the pump started to make a weird ticking noise. Like a very loud old HDD that is working, or a loose bearing sound. The weird thing, if I tilt my case upright ( Corsair Air 240 ) the noise is gone. When I lay it flat again, with the window upright, the sound comes back.


Can I do something about this? Or is the pump DOA? If nessesary I can make a video of the sound. I assume the unit can run fine flat?



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