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This is my first try at making any profiles for the k70 rgb as I only received my new keyboard today. This is only a simple profile that will display my best effort (so far) to display an American flag. There is also a slight wave that runs from the left to the right of the keyboard. The wave is designed to simulate a flag waving in the wind, but I must admit that it is a very poor one at that. I really only know very little about the program. That being said, you are free to do whatever you want to with the profile to customize it or improve it in any way you see fit. Props to Corsair for designing a really nice keyboard. :biggrin:


Edit: I am going to attach a new version of the profile that has a better wave. The previous version had a whiteish wave on the red, white, and the blue keys. This new wave has slightly darker hues of each color for each individual group (red,blue,white) respectively. The new (and I think better) version is the American Flag-better wave.




American Flag.prf

American Flag-better wave.prf

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Is there any way to disable the wave? I like your selection of colors, but not the wave (sorry, it's distracting).


download this flag pack that i made, it contains 164 flags of country's including the SAME american flag thats in the video. In your case, download the "nowave" flag pack. enjoy!

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