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Help me choose: 750D or 450D

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Hi folks, I'm new to the Corsair forums and glad to be here. I really love corsair products!


So I've been working on selecting all the parts for my upcoming build for a while now and I have almost everything picked out that I want. Except, I can't decide on my case.


Here is what I have picked out so far:



The two cases that I like the best so far are the Obsidian 750D and the Obsidian 450D... and I'm so conflicted! I've been working on this new build for about a month... and I've literally changed my mind about 20 times already.


On one hand, I like the extra roominess of the 750D, the two extra front USB ports, the extra 5.25 bays, and extra SSD mounts on the back side panel. But... I don't like that there is no dust filter on the bottom fan mounts (like the 450D has) and that the front intake fans don't seem like they will get enough fresh air and might get choked.


On the other hand, I also like the compactness of the 450D (sometimes less is more) and I really enjoy the aesthetic of the open front grill. The fact that this will will give my front fans better access to fresh air than the 750D is very appealing as well. And I love that all the intake fans on the 450D have included dust filters.


I think if the 750D just had an open front grill like the 450D I'd probably be sold.


What do you guys think? Which would you pick between these two cases? And why?


Thanks for helping me choose!


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750D by far, your better off waiting and purchase the pieces slowly and save yourself $1000 easily.......................as for the why's? more space if you decide to watercool it with larger rad's and other mods.

I was up in the air with the 450 as well and decided on the 750D just merely on space alone. Front cover don't bother me.

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Corsair are currently working on a ventilated panel based on the 450D, which, if all goes OK, will be available in a couple of months. That said, some people have tested the airflow with the front panel on and off and have reported only a few degrees difference. You can get some good filters for the bottom fan mounts if you need them. The 750 D is massive, I have a GTX770 card in mine with 3 fans on it and it's barely in the same town as the HDrive mounts. A fair amount of space behind the mobo tray for cabling adn large grommets to feed the cables through.


750D Definitely, as far as I'm concerned, but then I'm biased cos I have one.

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I've also been looking into the 750D to upgrade from from my 550D and love the dust protection the 550D offers. My concern is also that the bottom fan mounts on the 750D not having any dust filtering.


It's only 2x 120 fan mounts and that's exactly what's in the front of the 550D, you can purchase a full 550D dust filter kit from Corsair and use the 550D front panel filter for the 750D and problem solved or alternatively hack up a 750D top panel dust filter.

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You can see good, very fine-mesh filters for the 750D (better than the case's mesh filters)

They are magnetic and washable.

They are not cheap, but are very good design and quality (all black)

They have case filters for most Corsair cases and others,

You can buy a whole 750D case filter set for $49.95,

or you can buy just the individual filters, like the bottom filter for $8.50 US.

I have a whole set for my 760T and they look good and work great!

Here is the link:


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