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I Picked the Corsair 250D to try to make a very small form-factor silent powerhouse for gaming (I am not into 8 expansion slots, and 15 HDD drives etc)


Some have posted on these forums about using the H100i and H90 in the case, and some implement a GPU cooler. Because I am inexperienced with traditional watercooling, so I opted for using 2 closed-loop systems, the H100i for the CPU and H90 for the GPU.


I just wanted to show users on these forums that both fit, but there may be some lost performance or buffeting between the H90 and H100i. I eventually will add a second PWM fan to the H90, potentially making this worse? You must orientate the H90 in this way or the radiator caps hit the H100i, a 120mm radiator might clear.


Just want these pictures to serve as a reference for size. Perhaps the Air 240 ITX would be a better choice?


Additionally, Corsair says in the guide for the H100i that the mounting in the image below is correct, yet for the H90 they reverse the mounting, both should still be intakes. Odd?




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