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System crash while rendering, RAM voltage change


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So I bought myself a new system some weeks ago and encountered the first problems, one of them being the RAM apparently.


The scenario is as following, whenever I try to load my ram heavily, for example trying to render a song in FL Studio 11 my whole system just shuts down immediately and reboots then as soon as I click the "start rendering" button. Same issue happends with some flash games on websites (In the google chrome browser).

Surprisingly it doesn't happen while gaming or while using Memtest.


Today I found out that it might be a wrong configuration of the RAM voltage. I had it at 1333 MHz - 9-9-9-24 - 1.50V DRAM & DDR, now I am using it at the XMP profile1 (the only profile available in my BIOS) at 2400 MHz - 11-13-13-31 - 1.65V DRAM & DDR, but it still crashes as soon as I start to render..


Also a side question I have is, does someone know why my system makes like a hollow "ding" when I turn it off / it crashes? No issue here but I am quite curios.. ^^

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