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Rant: H100i not working in Link + Questions


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I finally decided to get the famous H100i after reading comments of buggy software for years, thinking that Corsair has finally polished it out and it should work without any problems. How wrong was I :mad:


Gigabyte Z97X-UD5H

i7 4790k


Windows 8.1 Pro x64


I connected:

the 4 fans (push-pull) directly to the pump using the 2 splitters

the SATA cable to the PSU

the Fan cable to the CPU_FAN header on the motherboard

The USB cable to the pump and to an USB 2.0 header

The Registry fix doesn't work :(


Installed the latest Link software: CorsairLink_Installer_RC_v2.7.5339 and after installation everything works, until I restart the system. After restart I get this:






1 - How do I make it work?

2 - Everytime I click Check for updates I get this:


I can do that indefinitely (update it), which makes no sense. Shouldn't it tell me that no new firmware is available, when I already have the latest version?

3 - When installing the Link software the last step tells me I need to restart. The step before is asking me if I should run the Link software. Maybe I am confused, but why the installer ask for running the software if a restart is required to complete the installation?

4 - Can I control multiple fans together. Specifically the 4 push and pull fans, which are Corsair SP120 PWM Performance Edition.

5 - Does the user have any control over the pump speed and noise? Is it better to connect the FAN cable to a 4 pin or 3 pin header?

6 - I open Corsair Link, then try to close it without touching anything = it ask me If I want to save current profile. Why??? No changes have been made, so Why???


Thank you.

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