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I may have solved the delayed boot problem


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I may have solved the delayed boot problem as I am getting normal boot time now. I was thinking what may be causing the delayed booting as I would watch the cursor keep on blinking after the Asus Post and not boot into windows immediately. So I thought it was looking for the software and could not find it immediately. So this is how I solved it:

I have my C drive which is the SSD and secondary drive a HHD. I had installed the Corsair Gaming Software on the HDD and when the computer was booting it was probably looking for it on the SSD and as it could not find it there it started looking at the other drives (Thus causing the boot delay, this is my assumption). Finally when it found it on the HDD it would boot into windows.

So I uninstalled it from the HDD and reinstalled it this time on the C Drive the SSD. Now the boot time is OK. As it seems the computer finds it instantly.

So with the others who are having the boot delay I am not sure if they have the same scenario as I had, if so install it on the C drive and see if that makes a difference.

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