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Corsair Direct Link Or Asus Thermal Radar 2


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I have a Corsair H100i CPU cooler and I am getting a Sabertooth x97 Mark 1 motherboard. Corsair has the Direct Link software to control the various CPU and Case fans (when connected to the Direct Link module) while the Sabertooth has the Thermal Radar software for when the CPU and case fans are plugged into the motherboard.


I have read where there has been conflicts with installing both of these software programs at the same time, which makes sense, because one of them is not going to be able to identify the fans if they aren't plugged into their prospective places where the software is looking. The Thermal Radar seems like a cool idea since it allows temperature sensors placed around the motherboard to be read.


My question is which controls the airflow and fans better? I have only seen the Direct Link in action thus far as I have not received the motherboard yet. So are there pros/cons to each and what are your thoughts?


Thanks in advance,



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