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SSD not showing boot menu during startup


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Hi guys. I just bought my first gaming computer a few weeks ago, with an SSD drive, so please bear with my noob-iness :)


It starts up perfectly well, boot takes roughly 20 seconds, so no complaints there. But from I press the power button, 'til I have my desktop appearing ready to use - nothing. Screen stays black. I haven't had problems with it so far (except for having to reboot the system after a game crash), but I'm worried that if ever anything happens, if I have to, say, start it up in safe mode, or boot from a drive or something, I'll be missing the f-key cues.


I'm not sure whether it's supposed to behave the way it does, but I'd much rather ask around than start meddling with stuff I'm not sure about.



Cheers, Marie

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