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H100i recognized but unable to change settings


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Windows 7 64 bit

I installed my H100i last night, and upon starting Corsair Link a firmware update for it was downloaded. However, I can't now see any options for my H100i within Link, however it is recognized in device manager & Link's devices panel;






Any help would be appreciated

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When your H100i is working in Link, you should get a Device page that looks like the attached picture with two devices showing.


Are your H100i fans plugged into the H100i Pump?

Is your H100i pump plugged into the MB's CPU Fan Header?

Is you H100i pump also plugged into a USB2.0 fan header on your motherboard?

If these are true, not every solution fixes every PC/MB, but

Among my fixes were:

1. Shut down PC completely, turn off PSU, then plug the Pump's USB 2.0 plug into a different MB fan header, then power up.

2. Uninstall the Link software And the Corsair folder in your C:\Users\"user name"\AppData\Roaming\Corsair, reboot, then re-install the software. (If you do not delete the Corsair folder, re-installing Link wont fix it.)

3. After#2 above, I also tried different Link software versions. Some versions work better than others depending on if you have any/different Link Nodes installed.


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I double checked everything you listed above;

The two H100i fans are plugged into the pump through the Y splitter cable

I swapped the cable to another USB2.0 header on my motherboard, however, now it doesn't recognise my H100i after reinstalling Link. Popup appeared saying that there was no hardware to update.

There was briefly a yellow warning triangle in device manager which has since disappeared.



Fixed the problem by routing a mini USB to USB cable from the block through the grommets in the back of the case to a USB2.0 hub on the I/O of my motherboard, Link now picks up the H100i fine.


There is now an audible clicking noise from one of the fans every 2 seconds or so which wasn't occurring before.

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