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I have recently upgraded from a ASUS P4C800-E to an ASUS K8N-E Del mobo.


My old system was very simple. ASUS V9980 ultra Geforce vid card//Adaptec 2100 SCSI controller and the rest was onboard devices. TwinX 3200 2GB. I have used this configuration without a hitch for 6 months.


My new system is the same type of setup but I am using Athlon64 3400+K8N-E D mobo. Here is my problem/questions:


Will my TwinX3200 2GB sticks work reliablely with the nForce3 250 chipset (I know I will not get dual channel with this platform)???


So for my system is running reliable with the exception of a few applications. Since I know all my components work, I was wondering if there is compatibility issues with the ram.


The really odd thing is, I can run UT03 for 48 hours straight without a problem.

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Thanks for the fast response, I had to wait a whole 3 minutes.


Correct me if im wrong, I assume the TwinX3200 2gb are double sided. After looking through the manual for the K8N-e Deluxe and checking the memory chart it says:


for two double sided moduals


slot 1+2 = DDR400

slot 1+3 = DDR400

slot 2+3 = DDR200


should I be running these sticks slower on this motherboard??? Currently I have the sticks in slot 1+2 before posting, and ill try 1+3 to see if it is more stable.

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