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Questions regarding K95


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Can I assign to the G-Keys:


1.) a (different) key (i.e. pressing G1 simulates "VK_BROWSER_HOME", a key that is not on the keyboard but a valid key code in windows)?

2.) a shortcut (i.e. pressing G1 executes Ctrl+V)?

3.) a series of key-inputs for "pasting text" (i.e. pressing G1 writes/pastes my email address)?

4.) a series of key-inputs including shortcuts (i.e. the combination of 2 and 3)?

5.) a command with parameter (i.e. pressing G1 executes "shutdown.exe -s -t 10")?


Afaik, the K95 has internal memory to store the macros. This allows me to plug the keyboard on another computer without having to re-config the keys.


a) is this correct?

b) do I need the Corsair Keyboard Software to use the G-keys (after they´re configured)?

c) supports the G-keys something like "rapidfire" (repeated execution while the key is pressed)?

d) what are the limitations when I use Linux instead of Windows?



I would like to know how far I can program the G-Keys to speed up my productivity and gaming experience.


Thank you very much!

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