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Corsair Graphite came with broken Power LED...


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HDD LED and all other parts work. I tested motherboard and cables and know for sure its the Power LED that is broken.


Could Corsair send me front ports & LED panel replacement??? It would be crazy to RMA the whole case because of this one LED, but I surely want it to work.


Could I at least purchase that part??? Where? Again I cannot RMA the whole case, but I can RMA or buy the front top panel that has Power and HDD LEDs with USB and USB ports.


I was so excited to finally have a real and fully working enthusiast-level case from high quality maker with great customer support, but now I'm not sure with sad panda face...


Any other tips to make LED work? There doesnt seem to be a way to disassemble it and replace with another LED that I dont even have...

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Corsair wants me to RMA the item but I need it to power my PC!!! Can't I just let Corsair hold however much money the item costs to have it sent ahead of RMA and then have my money returned to me once they receive the defective item??? If my returned item does not make it to Corsair then they can just keep the money and incur no loss... Its not an expensive item anyway... I have no other case and I need to be able to turn my PC on at least... I cannot do that without front panel I/O! What about fans? AFAIK they will not turn on without being connected to I/O panel!
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