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M95 Driver will not install on Win 7 x64


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I downloaded the .zip from the support pages. Unzipped and read that the firmware needs to be updated before the drivers/control panel installed.


I installed the firmware update on the PC, then plugged in the mouse .. Windows found "HID-compliant mouse" driver 6.1.7600.16385 and installed that.


The firmware update could not find the mouse. .. it working as a basic mouse .. blue lights lit, some buttons do things.


I then tried to install the M95 setup and it also told me I did not have a Corsair M95 plugged in ..


Now this mouse, and all the drivers, has been fine on my Win8.1 laptop, but moving it to this Win7 laptop it refuses to co-operate.


In the M95 firmware update folder I found "Driver" and thought, perhaps I can update the HID driver to this. It told me that I had the latest installed and that the driver I was trying to install was not applicable to the device.


So, I cannot update the firmware or install the driver. Windows x64, SP 1seems happy, and somewhat stubborn, in its determination to use the generic HID driver.


I seem to be in a catch22 situation, and I wondered if anyone has seen this behavior and managed to overcome it, If so how?



PS yes I have Disabled Power options USB Selective Suspend Setting.

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