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Using H80i with fan controller


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I am having serious problems with the ASUS BIOS QFan control, in that it works fine to control the fans up till the os boots then it just stops controlling the fans.


I am preparing for the worst that it is simply crap and so am looking at the possibility of using a fan controller.


Please do not suggest using software such as the CS link because I use linux and Corsair like every other company is either too scared of Micro$oft to rewrite their little application for linux or just too incompetent to do it and to touchy over their little application to give details to the opensource camp to write it for them.


Problem is I have never used a fan controller before and am really not sure how I would attach one of the controllers sensors to the cpu heat block with the H80i water block in place to be able to check the cpu temp?


I do want to get this working because when I was building the system and using the software to control the H80i, it did a fantastic cooling job on my 4.7 i7-4790K. I would recommend the H80i to anyone, just not to linux users atm due to lack of software and/or drivers.

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