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SP2500 Speaker Controller - General Feedback


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Hi Corsair, just thought I'd offer some feedback about the pod controller for the SP2500s.


  • The screen just isn't bright enough.
  • Due to the lack of viewing angle of the controller and its lack of a 'prop up stand' to direct the display at an angle toward the user; the above problem is only more exaggerated.


These issues could easily be alleviated by making the following hardware updates to the controller pod:



  • Attach an angled stand (an upside down fork with two legs or perhaps similar to how keyboard stands work) and have the controller cable coming from the bottom underneath of the controller, rather than at the top. The current configuration and location of the wire would make its appearance unsightly if a stand were to be attached.
  • Increase the brightness of the display and or make it adjustable.
  • Also an addition of a 2.1A powered USB charging point would also be useful.


Thanks for your attention! :cool:

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Personally, I'm happy with the control pod but there are one or two changes I would like to see. Make the pod wireless, make the controls available on screen, or keep the wired pod and also make the controls available on screen. Another nice touch would be to make the on/off switch "stick". In other words, if the power gets cut to the speakers while they are operating, they would still be on when the power is restored.


Beyond those minor complaints, for the money and the amount of space they take up, I've very happy with my SP2500, especially when paired up with my Asus Xonar Essence STX sound card.

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