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Corsair Link as usual, but this time after RMA and newFormated PC


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Hi everyone, this time, i got this problems:


previously i bought this h100i with my eyes tearing of joy, after all that every one said in the forums, i did just everything but formating, be cause you know, formating is boring, any way.


this time after RMA procces (because the previous one also had temp problems), my brand new h100I came with everything in his right spot, this time i take the lead and format my rig, (you can see in my profile wich is), but NOOOO, my system does not recognize it, so i will going to attach here the screen captures of everything so you can make to an idea of what unfear and sad world i'm having here.






Any guest, andy sugestion, please be free to let me know, and also, please forgive my awful and horrible english!


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Are you able to test your H100i in different computer?

Also did you make sure that you have Framework4.5, Intel ME and Windows 7 SP1 possible updates?


Anyway, format is boring, but my suggestion is you actually do it, and make sure you install ALL drivers provided by EVGA, Intel and Corsair for your current system.

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