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How to Spell Your Name. Because you know you want to.

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Ok, jumping straight into it. I'm using forum user Protocol48's name, because he wanted it and his name is 10 letters.





So to start off I made 8 different groups for each letter. Then I added a gradient effect for the keys. You can make small delays in all the effects by moving around the points at which they go above the dotted line.


It is not required to have 2 points at the bottom at the beginning and end when doing it for gradient effect, but if you were doing a wave or something you need to have those to those to make sure it's consistent with the other groups.


Since this name has 10 letters it makes it very easy, as there are 10 spaces for colors between the timing marks, each letter gets it's own space. If you were using 5 letters each would get 2 spaces, etc...

When assigning the effects to the groups, make sure you check "with mode" next to start, and change the end time to around 5, just depends on how fast you want it.


If you're stubborn and want a weird numbered name then continue on to the advanced section. More work for you!


Advanced Name Spelling: Ages 10+

Alright for this one I'm gonna use the word stubborno, because it has 9 letters, gives me examples of all problems, and you guys are making me type this.

If you want a delay in before the spelling restarts then pretend that the name you are using is one or 2 letters longer and continue through this guide using that. If I wanted a delay with stubborno I would pretend it had 10 letters, stubbornox, and do all the steps for that instead, then just not use the 10th "x" group/effect.

You can just wing it and try to do the timings by hand, but that's lazy, imperfect, and we can't let the keyboard be smarter than us.

So continue on.

I made 9 groups, B and O are used twice but it will be more simple if O has 2 groups I will explain later on. So we start off same as before, make a gradient effect for all the letters for the group they'll be put in. You should wing it at first, just make it close to 8 evenly spaced effects, we'll correct the timings after.

When a letter is used twice you need to add that into your effect before we start editing. Also it's important to have the beginning and end timer markers at the bottom.

Now we export all the effects to a folder, easy so far right?


Now we bust out the calculator and open up notepad.

Divide 1 by 9 = 0.1111111111111111

now keep adding 0.1111111111111111 until you get back to 1, post each result in notepad.









0.9999999999999999 <- We're just gonna round that up to 1.


So here's the fun part, we open up each lighting effect file that we exported earlier with notepad and search for <ColorTransitionList version="1"> to the right of this is where the color transitions start. We can see to the right TimeMark="0", the one next to that is where we'll begin.


We also need to find the end of this effect so continue looking along the file and you'll find TimeMark="1", but this is too far, go back one and you'll find a weird number, in this case it's 0.106173.


This is where are first number comes in. Replace that with 0.1111111111111111. and oh no, we have 2 more number in between 0 and 0.1111111111111111, so bust out the calc again and divide 0.1111111111111111 by 3: 0.037037037037037, 0.074074074074074, 0.1111111111111111

Perfect, replace the other numbers in between 0 and 0.1111111111111111 with those 2 and then we have our first file.

Save and continue on to T.


It will be easier if you continue adding 0.037037037037037 from 0 to 1 and recording pasting all the sums in another notepad.


Now it's pretty much repetition here, but we need to find the first number. In this case it will be the first timemark after time mark 0. In this case 0.076543 so we change this to 0.1111111111111111, that's where the last one ends so this will start there. Find the time mark before Timemark 1 and replace it with 0.2222222222222222. Instead of dividing 0.2222222222222222 by 3 we are just going to continue on from 0.1111111111111111 by adding 0.037037037037037 and then replace the 2 timemarks in between 0.1111111111111111 and 0.2222222222222222. 0.1481481481481481, 0.1851851851851851.


Ok, so hopefully you get the idea by now. Continue on with that pattern through the rest of them.

Until you get to B where it changes a little.

So continuing the same way through B, you do the first half, 0.3333333333333333-0.4444444444444444 and just continue right after like you would if it were another letter till you see TimeMark=1. Since the two B's repeat then it's simple. If you had an B in different different places in the name, like O in this example, then it would be easier to just create a separate effect and group for the repeated letter and do it like all the others.


So hopefully you didn't get lost and made it through the end. All of the calculated timings should have gone perfect together and you end up on TimeMark=1 on your last light effect.


That was easy huh?

Now time to delete all your old effects from the software, and import the new ones you made. Now assign them to the specific groups and make sure they're marked to start with mode and you're finally done.


Attached is what you'd end up with in my example.


So you might be thinking, wow that's a lot of work for a small effect. And you're right, but this timing editing can be applied to all the effects and it helps to not be limited by the software on the future profiles you make.



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Thank you so much!

With all you posted, now I can do other letters & words. Gee!

I have a great musical ear and edit pictures and video, but I tried to play several instruments, do ACAD drawing and draw & paint pictures, and programming and finally realized the artistic side of my brain never worked, Therefore I not going to get frustrated over trying to program my keyboard.

I unfortunately will just download other forum users' profile and thank them for it.

I did create a simple profile for the massive amount of Word & Excel work I do.

I have 2 Desktops and a laptop, so 3 keyboards. When I am working, my problems are the Num Lock, the Insert key, and the Caps Lock key and the period.

I highlighted the period in red,so when I type e-mail addresses I don't hit the comma next to it.

The 1st three keys are white but if they are pressed, they start flashing Black and Yellow. It may not help any body else, but it sure helps me.

Protocol48-K70-RGB-partial mistake proofing for M-Office.prf

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