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K70 RGB LED Flicker (PWM Circuit Adjust?)


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I have been one of the lucky ones who has had no issues or complaints with the K70RGB keyboard (thanks Corsair for a so-far solid product) however one of my gripes with it includes the amount of flicker that the (PWM circuit?) generates from the LED lights.


Ducky Shine has addressed this in their Shine series via a firmware update however I would LOVE to see Corsair increase the Hz rate on their product as well to eliminate this issue- IMO the product would be perfect. This is one of the first Corsair keyboards and I have used however the flicker seen both my peripherals or when I move my head is rather nauseating. I had no such issue with my Logitech G15.


Is anyone else sensitive to this? I am trying to get used to it and otherwise like the K70 RGB, but am also thinking about returning the keyboard because of this major annoyance.


I know the Corsair reps are busy these days with the new release but a formal response would be much appreciated and impressive.


Here is hoping that I am not the only one out there with this complaint! :confused:

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Yup, DLP projectors drive my eyes crazy too- I can usually see the green, red and blue projections! Cheap LED Christmas lights are still the worst of them all! With Christmas lights this can be fixed but installing a rectifier in the circuit but the keyboard is much more complex than that and I am not about to tear a $170 keyboard apart!


I do have dual monitors however I regularly am looking up and down while typing so that is when I notice it the most. When I whip my head up and down that's when I can see it and its somewhat nauseating!


Sorta bummed that no one else 'sees' this issue so I suppose I will need to try and live with it! The keyboard would be perfect aside for this issue (in my eyes). ::pirate::

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