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Actions, lightings, and you: The next step in lightingfx.

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So I was reading a thread earlier about someone asking if they could assign a ripple effect to specific keys and I thought I'd mess around and see what I could do.

I started with four lighting effects:


Yes I know these are waves, I'll get to that in a second.

Each of these waves are going different directions. 0 degrees, 90, 180, and 270 degrees.

I then went to Actions and assigned a keystroke to WASD:


I assigned the keys their own letter and a wave depending on the direction. A goes left, D right, etc.

After that I exported all the actions into a folder.


Then I opened them up and edited a few lines.


I changed "ExecEvent" to press, "AmountOfRepeats" to 0, and "Delay" to 0 for all of the actions.

Then you must change all the files to read only:


or it will reset the actions back to release instead of press.

I then deleted all the old actions and imported the edited ones, and reassigned them back to WASD.

This is the result.



As you can see there is no delay in key presses, by changing execevent to press it registers the key as soon as you press it. Also the wave effect goes across the entire board in a certain direction when only pressing one of these 4 keys.


Ok, so that's cool and all, but what I wanted was ripple effect. And this is where it gets retarded.

So doing the same thing but using ripple effect instead results in the usual ripple effect starting from the center of the board. "P". But changing the "Mode" to 1 in the actions file, or just changing the action to action repeat in the actions menu the ripple will start from the pressed key, but the key will repeat a bunch of times.


Wait, actually as I was typing this I figured it out. You can change the delay time between repeats from 1ms to around 100ms, the only problem with this is when you hold down the key, the key repeats very slowly, you can speed it up but at the risk of having the key repeat to fast and cause problems.

This works for most keys except for enter. also 100ms is too fast for for regular typing, it causes a lot o f problbems as you can see. Anything else is weirdly slow, so if you need to hold down a key or spam it, it might get weird.




So the problem is using repeat timings causes issues and inconsistency throughout the keys, and not using repeat causes the ripple effect to start from the center of the board.


I'll keep messing around with exported action files and update this thread if I find something. I hope some other people will start messing with files outside the program as it gives you a lot more control when doing things manually.


I'll upload the profile I've been messing around with, see for yourself. Space, b, j, and backspace all have their own ripple. WASD has wave.


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