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250D GPU Compatibility - Asus GTX780 DC2


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Couldn't find anything definitive through searching the web so thought I'd ask on here. I'm looking at getting a 250D and a mini itx board to downsize my build. I know all my other components will fit but my Asus GTX780 DC2 it quite tall & the heatpipes stick up higher than the rest of the card.


Just wondered if anyone else has this exact card & case combination & can confirm that it fits properly? These are the dimensions of the card, taken from the Asus website:


11.3 " x 5.8 " x 1.6 " Inch


28.7 x 14.73 x 4.06 Centimeter


Any help would be greatly appreciated & it means I can order my new case ASAP then >:)

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