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MR indicator lighting not working


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isn't MR Macro Record button? 0_o i remember that from when i had my k90


so if you set any action/keybind to MR, and Macro Recording is active, then wutever key the MR indicator is set on will display whatever you have setup for it.


if you want to have your mute and unmute button setup for on/off, make a new group for that one key, and set 2 different lighting for the key as a group and the key out of group.


so set one to start with mode and on keypress, end on keypress, so this would be your default color (for when not muted)


then set the other one to NOT start with mode, but start on keypress, and end with keypress,this will be your muted color.


since one does not start with mode, the 2 will alternate. i hope that helped :)



edit: or maybe you can setup a action to do so.

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