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Cancelled Pre-order last week, got a shipping notice anyway


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So if I could get a faster response, since the support portal and support@corsair.com takes like three weeks to actually respond, I pre-ordered a K70 RGB some time ago, but, last week, cancelled my pre-order before it shipped, as I found a nearby NCIX with the KBs in stock.


Despite this, I received no response to my ticket (which is still open if a Corsair employee would like to answer it) and got an email today telling me my order shipped. I cancelled that order. I don't want it to ship.


Can I please get a response? I don't want this keyboard to fly across the border (I live in Canada) and end up with me paying expenses that I DON'T HAVE TO PAY.

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Bump... Still no response to my tickets, and no response to this thread.


I am down another $200+ CAD for a product I already own and paid for because of the lack of response on Corsair's part. This is absolutely ridiculous.


Also like to point out that I sent in my original ticket more than 4 days before the product actually shipped, and no one responded to it. There was more than enough time for a Corsair employee to respond and cancel my order. When I originally pre-ordered I used a guest account and there is no way to cancel order on guest accounts, apparently, because there's no way to check order status unless you have the order tied to an account. If there was another way to cancel, I would have done so.

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