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Problem: Corsair memory with Soyo Dragon Kt-600 plus Mobo


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I have a Soyo Dragon KT-600 Plus motherboard. I use a Valueselect 512MB DDR 400 stick of Corsair RAM.


I have had this setup for about 6 months. Recently, my computer's performance began to deteriorate, leading to the eventual crash of my harddrive. After replacing the drive and reinstalling windows, my system didn't boot after a day or so. I attempted to try various things like changing the FSB in Bios for the RAM and move it to different slots. Nothing worked. I installed an older stick of RAM I had and it worked again.


I'd like to know now if it is possible for me to begin the RMA process, or if there may be other solutions I can try.

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In addition please let us know how many memory modules you have installed in the system, and if you have the latest BIOS installed and what BIOS settings you have set for both CPU and memory and any performance settings that you may have set?
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