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Power supply for fans in Carbide 500R


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I have bought the Corsair Carbide 500R case and a Corsair 650 RM 80+ Power Supply. The fans (built in the case) are not working because I dont know how to connect the power for the fans. As you can see on the attached pictures:


Fan_Power_Case.jpg shown an unconnected calbe from the case. I assume it comes from the already built in fan controller in the case? And thus it is for the already build in fans?


PSU_Cable.jpg shows a power cable, which is used for older hard disks. I cant connect that to the Fan_Power_Case cable, because it is femal-female.


for_what.jpg shows a cable, I would be able to connect that to the <Fan_Power_Case.jpg>.

But I dont know where to plug the other end? It might fit on the mainboard "SYS_FAN_1" and "SYS_FAN_2"


I had no manual in the case.


I appreciate any hints and help. Thanks in advance.






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Fan-power case, picure 1 , is a pass trough molex, so put this on you psu molex cable and then you could put a other device with molex on it, like the molex in picture 2. The little floppy like header that is attached to your molux, is for your 200mm side fan.
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