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Save Profile To Device Memory?


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Save profile to device memory shows a chip next to the mode that I have at the top of the list in my profile. I assume that this is the mode that is written into the kb.




I was under the impression that when I did this, the profile was then installed in the device and would behave as such when I unplug it and move it to another computer regardless of if the drivers were installed on the host.


am I mistaken?


I am trying to get this to work and I cannot get a clear description out of the manual from what I've read.


If any corsair rep could explain this functionality and how best to use it that would be excellent.


on a side note. Congratulations to all of you who made this epic piece of hardware and software. it really is neat. And has lived up to my expectations all but completely, minus the scripting functionality which I hope will be updated in the future. :D

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I would also like an answer for this (or a solution? :D HINT HINT) as it would mean I am able to save a setting on the device and use it in other operating systems (OSX, Linux) in addition to being able to use it on other computers.


Currently the save to hardware option seems to only involve static lighting and I would assume keybindings, but I haven't tested those yet.

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