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Retention Clip on H110 Question


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Hello. I put in a help ticket (6522237) with Corsair and still haven't heard from anyone yet. Normally I would wait, but being that this is a very important situation (And can't use my computer until I figure it out) I figured I could get someone from Corsair here, to answer my question instead of having to wonder if my issue is being looked into.


Anyway, I recently built my first PC. The specs are here (http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/wGCzpg). I went with an AIO water cooler and that was the H110. I got it installed and everything was going fine, until I noticed after running my system for a day or two (with no problems) that I didn't install the "Retention Clip" (Part: `M` in the H110 manual) to the pump head before I installed the H110 onto the CPU. So I have a few questions.

They are:

a) Do I need the retention clip to run my system properly or is it just provided to make the installation easier?

b) Do I have to take everything apart to put it on or is there some other way?

c) If I do have to take everything apart, how do you suggest I go about it?


I would really appreciate any help I can get to get this issue solved. I didn't spend $3000+ on a machine to just leave it there and look pretty. lol. Thanks in advance!

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