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760T,h80i,dominator platium, not compatible


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Love this 760T case!


However I had to use a h100i out of the top instead of an h80i out the rear (which is what I wanted to do). Because I was using all Corsair products. A corsair 760t, a corsair h80i, and corsair dominator platinum memory. You either have to use cheaper shorter memory modules (if using a board with memory on both sides of the MB like I did with the X99 Deluxe from Asus), or mod the rear panel to have the mounting holes for the 120mm fans in a much better place.


Corsair needs to move the 120mm mounting holes above and in line with the 140mm mounting holes. Then you could use the corsair, case, and memory with an Asus X99 Deluxe.


Simple fix and should have been that way all along. No reason not to drill it that way at the factory.


Other than that? Best case ever!

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