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K70 RGB - Strange Behavior


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I was wondering if anyone could help me with some strange behavior I am getting with this keyboard.


Below is just one example:


Let's assume I have a few profiles and I assign a kay to cycle through the profiles. If I have Google Chrome open they key that I have assigned works properly cycling through the profiles. As soon as I shut down Chrome I can no longer cycle through forums. I have a two monitor setup so when the mouse is over the Chrome on the one monitor it works, but if I move the mouse to another monitor it stops.


Another example is the rainbow profile that cycles colors across the keyboard. Again, if chrome is up and running this works but the second I shut down chrome the cycle stops on whatever colors were last on the keyboard and stays stuck on those colors. If I open chrome again it starts to cycle and make the rainbow effect.


Any thoughts?

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  • Corsair Employees

I can't replicate this issue. I have similar dual monitor setup and chrome browser. The profile switch key can cycle through the profiles just fine.


Just to cover the basics, make sure you install the latest USB drivers and update the keyboard firmware to the latest one (1.10).


Please also update your system specs in case we start receiving same issue from others and need to go investigate.



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You should connect both USB connectors.


is the delay happen in the game? If it's a text editor, what kind of text editor are you using?


Notepad, IE, Firefox, corsair forums, all delayed. seems pretty much universal.


I have tried deleting all of my profiles and going back to defaults. Nothing has helped.


I will plug in the other usb. see if that changes anything. :D

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