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Where is my rainbow


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hello guys


I am from the Netherlands and I have get my k70 rgb today.

when I unboxed it and plug it in to my pc with my power off I get a rainbow show because I have power to my usb.

but now he is gone.

when I have a pattern like wave or something the wave is white I cant change the colors.


also I am searching for profiles and light profiles because I think the software is very difficult.


I suggest will be a sticky topic with downloads.


i hope the software will go in dutch translation.







Also there are many bugs in the software I notice,after I imported a mode like the ghost,airstrike mode from this forum the list in the software Is full but after I restart it it is good.

so ill think the people from corsair have some work to do, en it is not complaining what I am doing because every new product/software have take some time to finalize it.

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