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What's going on with the Graphite 780T?


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I saw a number of short clips and quips about this fantastic-looking case from its soft reveal at Computex earlier this year. It was described as the updated successor to the 600T, and from the quick glances I've been able to see, it certainly has style to spare.


I'd really like some more information about this case. I've been checking periodically since the initial announcement, but I can't seem to find anything about it except for mentions from Computex. None of the usual suspects have posted reviews on YouTube; and Corsair doesn't even have a product page, photos, or manual downloads for the 780T up on their website - which seems odd, considering that all of these (both reviews and a standard Corsair product page) are available for the 380T which was announced at Computex at the same time. At first I thought that perhaps Corsair had decided to push back the release of the 780T in particular for some reason; but I've found out that evidently Newegg is already shipping them. What's the deal?

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