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I think my 1000HX is dying again? Not sure?


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On 4/16/11 Corsair sent me a replacement 1000HX PSU for one that died.

The replacement has been running pretty much every day since then.

PC has ran fine until problems starting occuring every few days since the middle of august. Intermittently the monitor will shut off and lose the signal or the machine will completely turn off as if the power button was switched. Sometimes I still have sound and the computer appears to be functioning, just with no output from the GPU but I have to restart to regain the signal.


I have un-installed, re-installed drivers, etc. The only thing that seemed to be a temporary fix was to re-arrange power connectors/try different sockets on the modular section of the PSU. The random screen turn off's have stopped and I thought I was cured but as of late it started shutting down completely again.


The only change I did to the machine in quite a long time was swap to a new R290X Direct CU II OC GPU back in march of this year.


Is there a way to test the PSU to see if it somehow cannot power the new card? I put in a few hours of metro 2033 redux last night and it never hicked up, then during random internet browsing it shut off like I yanked the power cord out. It seems like forever since AMD has released a stable video driver as well to maybe help diagnose my issue

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The hx1000 is basically 2 500 watt psu put together. I'm not sure where it is but somewhere on these forums there is a post about splitting the load between the 2 rails. You basically want cpu and peripherals on 1 rail and gpu on other. Especially with 290x. I can see why you are having problems after swapping gpu because the 290x using a TON of power.
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What is weird is that I ran the cables to the GPU a certain way from the PSU and had 0 issues from march all the way until august (5 months). It started acting weird in august. Also the drivers from 4/25/14 were used since they were released. I have even dropped my overclocking of the cpu back down tremendously with lower voltage too and I have never tinkered with the GPU clock settings as it runs pretty much anything you can throw at it very fast stock. The GPU runs HOT HOT HOT though!


I am just wondering if the PSU is starting to take a crap on me.

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PC is constantly restarting and losing signal from the monitor.

I am running in safe mode and haven't had a problem at all now.

With beta drivers the PC runs games fine but shuts off when simply reading articles.


I am starting to think its a defective graphics card...or motherboard or something. Driving me nuts. Any ideas?

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Do you have a spare GPU or motherboard, or access to one you could borrow? Obviously, if it's the PSU, we'll replace it but good troubleshooting could easily save you the time, expense, and headache of RMAing the wrong part.


I wish I had another video card or a big PSU but I don't.


I ran Guru3D DDU, and got a bunch of corrupt driver issues.

I re-installed the current version of CCC and even though I got one error during install (over and over), it appears to function like normal.


Asus told me they would replace my card but at this point its like its running fine and I cannot get the thing to replicate the problem I was having.


I even re-overclocked my CPU back to my normal 5Ghz settings and its working fine. Weird..


At this point I am waiting for the machine to restart randomly or blackscreen my monitor but it appears it fixed itself. I guess its a waiting game now..



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Went almost 5 days with no problems, randomly black screened and monitor lost connectivity yesterday while reading an article at idle. :(:


Filed an RMA with Asus, I still cant figure out if the card is to blame.

I switched PCIx slots, re-installed drivers and am waiting to see if it happens again. I also bought a used low end geforce card on ebay to see if the problem stops with a different card. I have another machine with integrated graphics that could use it after the problem is fixed.



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  • 1 month later...

Emailed Asus and they eventually allowed me to RMA the card. It took approx 6 emails back and fourth.


I bought a geforce 440 used on ebay as my backup while the card was being refurbished and it has worked great. No problems whatsoever.

The card came back from Asus last week, I put it in and installed the latest drivers. It lasted approx 2 minutes before i was hit with a black screen.

Installed the current firmware and same thing, black screens after only a few minutes of hitting the desktop. They sent me the same card back (same serial) and the return invoice does not explain anything.


Asus tech support is useless and the ROG forum is just the same, noone cares to comment or when they do its a comment asking me if my monitor is properly plugged into the PC. Seriously?


I emailed Asus and said the card is doing the same thing, the guy told me to call a 1800 number and blew me off.


This card cost me almost 600 dollars and the $25 card I bought used on ebay runs 100X better.


If its not the card, can it be the PSU?

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I still think it's the motherboard.




The machine runs with 0 issues without a high powered card put in it.

I am running a little GT440 and the PC runs flawlessly.


As soon as I put the big guy back in, it black screens.

To me its either the card or the PSU.

Asus has emailed me back and offered to send me an advanced RMA with a new card.


It would be kinda crappy sending them this thing back for a replacement when it was the PSU failing to push the higher wattage demanding card.


I really don't know how to diagnose anything at this point without buying more stuff.

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Because power and data still have to bus through the motherboard.


I doubt its that. The card was artifacting up top during the windows load screen and after the RMA that issue was no longer present. However, the card would still black screen after a few minutes like before. So even though they may have changed or modified something on my card I sent in, it was not enough.


They issued me an advanced RMA today for a complete replacement so the card is going back. If a new card does the same thing, its most likely the PSU or something else.


I tried to ask to pay extra to upgrade to a Matrix 290x or even an Nvidia branded card but they would not allow me to do that for unknown reasons.

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a psu to my knowledge would not cause artifacting.


a bad motherboard or vid card would.


you should have stated earlier your card was doing the artifacting at start up.


It would only do it at the very top 1/16th of an inch of the screen and it would not always do it. Never got wonky while gaming either.


I am running a geforce 1gb card while waiting for a solution and everything runs flawlessly. Asus sent me a "new" card today so it should be here in a few days.

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On the 4th RMA. I broke down and bought a new Corsair 750PSU just to make sure I wasnt insane and maybe the PSU was crapping out.


Same issue. I yanked the card and PSU and put them into another PC.

Within minutes, same issue.


Asus will not send me a working card. They keep sending refurbs which look like peoples cards that had trouble and they sent them in. Its like they send em right out. Every package doesn't have an invoice that explains anything, its just says HERE YOU GO.


I blew $100 for nothing today and am sending the 4th one back.

Ive asked several times for asus credit towards a different card and they are adamat on keeping me with this exact model, refurb after refurb.


What would you guys do? It was purchased on amazon for $580. I saw them on newegg not even selling for $299 after rebate.

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