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My K70 RGB observations/suggestions...


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First of all, you know this is not your average keyboard when the User Manual is 142 pages :eek:


Kudos to Corsair for having the nads to develop and produce this keyboard!! I'm definitely looking forward to geeking on this more and seeing what new versions of the software bring us and what the community creates.


I've been playing around with it for a bit and I wondered if others have similar observations/suggestions.


1. I setup some wave and ripple lighting effects but I can't find a way to make the effect originate from the point of origin (i.e. press the 'P' key but the effect originates elsewhere). I was trying to see if I could get various wave fronts propagating as I typed.


2. when editing a wave the degree dial is a bit confusing...the dial says 180 but the indicator on the dial is at 90 and if you apply it the wave front goes from right to left?? It would be nice if the indicator on the dial more closely matched the desired degrees. Also, you might want to show a point of reference of what 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees are in relation to the keyboard and direction of travel of the wave. I expected 0 degrees to be to my right thus a 0 degree wave would start on the right and travel left.


3. is there a way to chain lighting effects? I was trying to see if I could get a ping - pong wave effect...I want the wave to start at 0 degrees travel left (see #2 above) to 180 degrees and the when it reaches the left hand side of the keyboard reverse the wave and travel 180 to 0...like a wave front being reflected.


4. there should definitely be some default profiles and lighting effects installed with the next version of the software so we can show off our new toy to our friends!!


I'm sure others have more to add.

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Ok, I have found "Type Lighting" in the Profiles context menu...that gives me point of origin. Now to play with it some more and see what effects I can create with it.



Selecting Multiple keys gives you point of origin and a wave affect propagating from there :)


You can try it with a simple Default profile and then select Type lighting and Multiple keys.

Add a marker in the color/time scale, choose white, add another marker and then another color.


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