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H80i: high pitched noise after update.


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I recently had a problem after the upgrade from 1.0.4 to 1.0.7 I started to hear a sound coming from the corsair h80i, a high pitched noise.

I have read around that the problem may be due to the 3-pin fan, to be replaced in case with 4-pin pwm. Any advice about this? is due to fans or can be an else?

Certainly the noise coming from the h80i. When i put the fans directly into the motherboard 3pin header runs without noise but at full speed. And the noise return when i put them on h80i pump with the Y cable.

Please there is someone who can help me, this sound drive me crazy and the temprature are not as cool as before the update.

How can an update broke my h80i? so disappointed

Thanks for your attention.


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first,was there an issue prompting you to upgrade to 1.07?

you can either revert back to 1.05 or use PWM fans so they can be controlled with 1.07 firmware...

the upgrade didnt ''break'' your hydro,,its just that this update was made after the release of the hydro using 3 pin fans..

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There was no issue before the update, i was only intended to have the sistem up to date. Normally things go better with update :sigh!:

I try install the 1.0.5 and it's the same, i can't find the 1.0.4 so i'm still on the 1.0.7 and the noise. So the noise is certain coming from the 3pin fans right?

Can i RMA it? :biggrin:

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