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Hello folks,


I was wondering if somebody could help me with something.


I'm trying to get my US Flag mode to have a green wave (because money!) going across only the white stripes whenever I click on any key. But, I would like to have the white stripes (i have 3 on the keyboard) to start at at different times.


So two issues from the above description:

1 - I need to setup it up so any key I press will only set the wave on the white stipes. No idea how to do this. Is it even possible?

2 - Have the waves on the white stripes start at different times.

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As I was writing these questions, I was able to accomplish #2.


To do that, you just need to create two (or however many) Wave Lightings. And then in the intensity graph, just have the color that you want to go across start and end at different points (with a specific length; I used 3 ticks as the length).

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Thank you Corsair Jason for the video! Seems like the key groups not only is a key of groups, but when you add lighting to them, they retain the colors that they were originally grouped on? :O I need to relearn a few things here.. hehehe


You need multiple groups to accomplish your goal (different duration). However, if you want to activate the lighting sequence by a key press, the key must be within the same group.


Corsair Bunny, I was able to accomplish the delayed waves by using different lengths of intensity for each of the lightings and assigning to the 3 different stripes groups that I have. I want to have them start at the same time but one behind the other. I learned that using duration is only used when you are doing the lighting effect more than once, like in a loop. In my case I'm only doing it 1 time at key press. Which reminds me, all of a sudden 2 of the 3 lightings that I have configured stopped doing the pattern (I have it set as key press and I get nothing :( I must be doing something wrong).


In regards to the activation of the lighting, "if you want to activate the lighting sequence by a key press, the key must be within the same group."


So it sounds like there's no way of doing this? Eg.: Having a group of numbers 1-0 on the keyboard with a white color, while the whole keyboard is red. And for any key press on the keyboard, only do the lighting effect on the groups of numbers 1-0? :[pouts:


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